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SMART PCP Platform

The basic technology underlying the SMART PCP ENVIRONMENT is a cross-platform framework enabling different applications with heterogeneous purposes (from communication to problem solving, from collective purchasing to eProcurement) to work together.

In this sense, the SMART PCP ENVIRONMENT can be seen as an aggregator of state of the art technologies that are made available as a cloud eGovernment service to small and medium sized municipalities and other public sector bodies engaged in the design and implementation of PCP calls. Thanks to an easy to use interface, anchored to an underlying “ideal” workflow describing how the PCP procedure should be carried forward, the user is accompanied by the system to the selection of the most appropriate services and tools in support of the multi-stage procurement process, grasping all the benefits from automation, social networking and interoperability/integration of diverse ICT tools.

PCP platform scheme v4

Idea Management
Vertical and horizontal discussion listDiscussion among all stakeholders
listOptions: public/private discussion listSharing information only for appropriate stakeholders
listVoting system listSelecting best ideas
listTags listSimplifying a search
listArchive of conversation listStorage all information
listSearching tool listQuick search
listCategorisation of topics listQuick overview of topics
listFollowing the discussion listMonitoring of interesting topics
listNew factor of motivation, creating database of many potential co-procurers and suppliers, who would be invited by others or attract by discussions about their fields of interest. Thanks to security features, there would be no need to worry about stealing identity and you can simply get and edit contacts to many institutions or persons, with information about rating composed according to their activity on platform. 
listComposing state of the art in more simple way, saving time, with the opportunity to involve more institutions and experts leading to qualitative better results.
listSimpler and more transparent communication with partners within consortium leading to better cooperation, preventing misunderstandings and creating virtual environment for sharing ideas and so making brainstorming.
listEffective communication channel between procurers and suppliers, recording data which could be used in case of some problems would appear.
listNew communication channel, from the view of public authorities, for getting feedback by inhabitants thanks to which, it would be possible to make consensus about spending public sources.
listFast and effective collection of opinions on all levels thanks to voting system without need to make costly referendum.
listUsers can be still inform about topics just in their interest thanks to tags, what would not mean bothering them, but providing them precise information they would like to get, what can encourage them to activities.


Multi-phases Pre-Commercial Procurement
listInterface for both, procurers and suppliers listAccess for procurers and suppliers with different rights and information available
listDocument sharing listDocuments gathered at one place
listSetting the PCP listDefining all information needed
listAssignment of rights and functions listEnsuring, that only persons with some rights are allowed to perform some activities within PCP
listSending the invitations into PCP listRequest and reply for participation and their overview in an electronic form
listArchive of PCP listStorage of all PCP
listMulti – stage evaluation and selection listEvaluation of each supplier at the end of each phase to select the best ones to continue in PCP
listDefining the criteria for evaluation  listSetting own criteria with respect to a character of PCP
listOverview of news listInformation if there is any change since last log in
listAutomatically sending of notifications listInformation about activity related to PCP
listCommunication tool listMessage sending to the other stakeholders
listConnection to Idea Management tool listQuick switch to other tool
listEffective stakeholder management – you can simply set access to information to particular users as well as get them concrete rights – responsibilities. 
listElimination of duplicity recording data for different purpose – once you record them, you can use export them into documents and simply send it to others. You can also set rights to see, edit, print or send a document to somebody else what is very needed as there are always confident data.
listMore transparent processes as all co-procurers as well as suppliers can see what is just happening and what documents have been recorded.
listThanks to pre-defined form for pre-commercial procurement, it is very simple to include all necessary information, also for representatives of institutions with no previous experience with PCP.
listSimpler way of knowledge transfer – thanks to all data recorded – what can lead to faster PCP popularization and process optimization within PCP cases.